The Threads That Bind

By Brisebear

There are many experiences and memories that act as threads
To bind our lives together.
Fine, gossamer strands, intertwined between us
Entering in one location, exiting in another

So delicate and fine, we forget they exist
And neither do we appreciate the role they play for us.

Threads break and new ones grow
Just as waves on an ocean front ebb and flow

But equally when threads snap and are not replaced
It often goes unnoticed until one too many breaks
And the security that they offer is threatened.

And how are we to know where the end of a solitary thread
Will lead?
Is it possible that one thread can undo a life together?

We have control over the strength of the threads that bind
But complacency dulls our senses
And we fail to notice what is happening around us.

So now I am holding on to a handful of loose threads
As you slowly drift from me

Are you conscious that our relationship is becoming threadbare?
Do the clumps of loose ends concern you as it does me?
Are you optimistic that the threads will regenerate?
Or do you see that our time together has run its course
And now it is time to sever the ties between us?  

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