The Unknown Murder

By Samantha Jay

There once was a murder,
But this one has a twist.
The victim was my innocence,
Stolen through his fist.

It wasn’t a normal crime scene,
There was no blood or gore.
Because this one was my body,
While I layed down on the floor.

The only evidence left,
Were his fingerprints on my soul.
I tried to scrub them off,
But he ruined me as a whole.

There were no witnesses,
Besides my two very own eyes.
But they never really saw that well,
They couldn’t even see through his lies.

Just like most murders,
There were many tears shed.
Though they weren’t from my family,
But from me instead.

He didn’t leave any clues,
There was not a single trace.
Except for the memories inside me,
Which I can never erase.

The police never found my body,
Because it’s still around.
I’m a prisoner in my own skin,
I’m lost and can’t be found.

There was only one weapon,
It was an extension of him.
And as he attacked me with it,
My heart became so grim.

This wasn’t a normal murder,
Oh, why can’t they see?
The girl inside my body,
Is no longer me.

There never was a funeral,
Because no one knew I died.
I guess that’s just what happens,
When you keep it all inside.

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