The Veterinarian 

By Don Thompson

Nothing can take their place – no layman or lawmaker –

no clinic or council.

For those who can, with gentle hands and soothing words

calm the fears of a stricken animal, has a gift

reserved for few.

Those who can diagnose the sickness of a creature that

cannot speak – one that cannot by neither sign

nor gesture give any indication of the seat of fatal

illness – is endowed with knowledge, sympathy,

and understanding far beyond that reached by

ordinary people.

Those who can, with the aid of medical science, brighten

the eyes, stay the fever, energize the pulse, build

resistance against diseases in an animal, has

reached the goal only a favored few attain.

And what are their rewards? The knowledge that they

have lived a life of true usefulness in helping

creatures that cannot help themselves.

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