The Wings

By Sajjad Sharif

Now that you have come fluttering, O Wings, will you,
O Self-manifest, claw me away from this swamp?
As I drift deep into the forest at night
I get cowed by unknown beasts – and I spend
Hours and days under water. Sharks devoured
My parents, leaving me an orphan. Hiding
In reeds and weeds,
I have saved my life thus far.

Tearing yourself away from my body, you went on
To clutch others – and I sent the wind after you – the storm – my son –
Battered grass under animal hooves, faeces and saliva,
Got smeared all over my body. Why on your own
You return to this marsh, tell me, please, O Wings.

Ever sleepless, I have seen in this watery abyss
Myriad graves to rise –
Only one of them is empty, where burn Candles of human lard,
one by one – What would you want me to choose,
O Wings, O Reincarnation?

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