Thunder Road

By Vicki Scofield

My truck and I pull together, we work as if we are just one, She’s been a good companion and now we’re on our final run. It seems as if we’ve covered every highway on the ground, But now we’re rollin’ steady ’cause we know we’re homeward bound. In the years we’ve rolled together, this truck and I have seen it all, We’ve run with some real good people, and I smile as I recall The hard times and the fussin’ and the good times on the road, The comraderie as we ran together thru the night and hauled our loads. Truckers always pull together when they find some common ground, And when you’re lookin’ for good people, there’s none finer to be found!
But this time I’m rollin’ solo, just me and my trusty truck, We’ve got to get a goin’, so goodbye . . . and lots of luck! I’m rollin’ up to heaven, up there on that Thunder Road, They said they’re waitin’ for me and this very special load. They said to check in with the angel at the guard shack of heaven’s gate, I guess they need another trucker to haul some of that holy freight! So the next time you see the lightening and you hear that thunder roar, Don’t you worry about the storm clouds . . . It’ll be the diesel hummin’ as we welcome home one more!

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