By Ebony Black

Time is endless but goes too fast.
You long for the future, then yearn for the past.
Summer’s heat quickly turns to frost,
A child grows, their innocence lost.

Time forever slips away,
With the setting sun and each dawn of a day.
The blossoms give way to falling leaves,
Another life taken; their family grieves.

Time can pass quickly, there’s never enough.
You miss when it was easy; now life is too tough.
The long hot days yield to the winter chill,
A new life begins, while another stops still.

Time is something you can never gain,
It only passes and brings new pain.
A warm spring shower turns to freezing snow,
People enter your life, only to leave you and go.

Time reminds you of all that you’ve lost,
You try and regain it, but there’s always a cost.
The warmth of the sun bows down to the cold,
A person once young, now frail and old.

Time is wasted every day,
Spent on moments that fade away.
So think carefully, think wisely about what you will do
With the limited time that is given to you.

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