Titan's Tears

By Sea Opal

Orange Turquoise teardrops
hybrid liquid oceans
turn opalescent rings
tango twist in solar winds
cosmic bolero dancer
neon planet silhouettes
haunting the universe

Muse of Saturn spins
enceladus, phoeba, dione flirt
lovely temptresses in nebulous hearts
starry nights in poetic holds
silent sonatas echo
belladonna verses

Titan gigantic moon
Europa, Io, Rhea and Pan
gaze in distant darkness
goddesses in strapless gowns
dusty auras, celestial seas
tempest tapestry

Nova twilight far from the sun
will never warm
hearts of men
no matter many silver moons
sojourn around you
satin shadows celestial blue

Still, I hear Titan’s plea
his voice calls to me

This Poem Features In:

The Hill We Climb

By Amanda Gorman

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