To Find One’s Self

By Richard Duprey

Can he see the beauty emitting from the world,
Or has his mind been destroyed before it was even developed?
He spends his time sobbing and feeling sorry for himself,
but his “self” isn’t behind those teary, blue eyes.

His “self”, the true power of his majestic existence,
has been silenced by the intrusion of society’s deafening roar.
Confined to a dull room in a dull house in a dull world,
The days are seeming to drag on and on and on.

With one small burst of confidence, he rushes out the door.
The semi-polluted air stains his widening nostrils.
He wanders aimlessly, hoping to clear his clogged mind.
With a brief glance of the crystal clear sky, he smiles.

After ten minutes of meandering through the verdant fields,
The tranquil sounds of a waterfall can be heard.
The boy’s senses are opening once again, just like before he was confined.
A surge of adventure and knowledge rushes through his veins like a fired torpedo.

A fallen oak tree was laying, perfectly place beside the slow-flowing water,
Mother Nature’s gift, a place for the boy to sit and learn.
As he sat there, his eyes became open to the beauty around him.
None of his problems seemed so monstrous anymore.

The birds were bursting into songs, with their opened beaks,
The bees were buzzing & the leaves on the trees were twisting and turning.
All in one amazingly complex pattern. They were connected.
The boy, at last, at one, with his “self” and with the beauty of the world.

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