Trees In Spring

By Dennis Spilchuk

Beneath the trees, gazing up, I see,
Branches reaching skyward, sprouting leaves,
Filtering rays through the canopy
That cause my eyes to blink breathlessly
From the mosaic, prism colour scheme.

The scenic vista is dynamic
And pleasing to absorb Spring’s hypnotics.
These vascular plants drink nourishment,
And utilize the sun’s energy
In the process of photosynthesis.

Reality of perception’s direction,
Persuades self-effacing resignation
From biased human disposition
With artistic interpretation.
“I pray nature forgives my trespassing!”

Trees in Spring of natural beauty
Whose subliminal message I can’t dismiss.
“Human intrusion has been devastating!”
Unwarranted greed condones desecrating,
Tangible living poetry in motion.