Trucking Hurts

By Jesse Packard

I drive everyday to find something I like.
I drive not because of the money.
I drive because its fun.

I live to see places I’ve never seen.
I live always on the road.
I live my life.

I Drive not for the glory or the Fame.
I Drive to get the load on time.
I Drive because I love it.

I live in a confined space known as a truck.
I live with me myself and I.
And I live to feel the feeling of love.

I Drive to get to my M.I.S
My most important stop.
Which is you babe.

So I live my life.
To get home to you.
And see your face and feel your touch one more time.

So here’s to you I love you a lot.
So you will always be my most important stop.
I love you and cherish you each moment I have you.

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