True Self: Living Bipolar

By Richmond Gellez

It looks like you’ve been smiling for too long,
Can’t control your own self,
People don’t know who you really are,
Cause you are different when it comes to the outside world,
Cause you can’t control your self.

Every day turns a day, Right?
But mine’s different
Cause I am different,
Different from what you see,
Different from what you’ve expected.

You thought that I am the person that you’re talking to,
Smiling and laughing with you,
Acting weirdly about things that don’t exist,
But you are wrong,
I don’t know who that is.

Living with Bipolar disorder,
Is a constant nightmare,
Extreme mood swings every day and night,
Depression equips up on you quietly,
You’re telling yourself its temporary and it’ll pass, but it does not.

You suddenly find yourself to a different person
Not knowing that its not you,
But then you realized and regret it,
You may get some help,
Or attempt suicide.

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