Try Again

By David V. Bush

When you’ve tried and failed and lost,
When astray your plans are tossed,
Other days are just ahead;
Other men have fought and bled;
Others oft have tried and said,
Try, try again!

When life seems an empty state.
When you pause and question fate.
Other men have heaved a sigh;
Other men have longed to die;
Others, too, have paused to try —
Try, try again!

When you’ve cast your die and failed.
When your star has waned and paled.
Other men have lost their way;
Others stuck and won the day;
Others now in wisdom say.
Try, try again!

When the world’s been cold and rough,
When you meet each harsh rebuff,
When misfortune’s flailed you blue;
Circumstances dogged you, too,
Then there’s one way left to you —
Try, try again!

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