By Gordon Alexander

As a veteran like those before
Many of us have seen war
Injuries invisible to the naked eye
In our mind we ask ourselves why

With all the bad that we have seen
We hope this is just a bad dream
Our memories won’t disappear
In itself this gives us fear

When we were away we had each other
Watching out like sister and brother
But now we are home safe at last
Hopefully try to forget the past

Then night time falls
And our minds do wonder
Did i make a fatal blunder
No no not I it is the thunder

The bangs that go of in his head
Make him hide in his bed
He can not sleep it won’t disappear
Yes I’m sure he’ll shed a tear

Back in that place he once had been
Reliving the events he had seen
The smell the noise back in the mind
Shouting screaming feeling blind

Feeling lost and on his own
Fear, aniexty, depression have grown
But being proud and no cry for help
Man up son you have your health

But the mind will overcome
Unless something can be done
He does need help a listening ear
So he can process all that he does fear

He is human his mind is active
For his country his life he’d give
But alas many didn’t make it back
Back home to raise the Union Jack

So to absent freinds I raise a glass
I’m sure this battle is not the last
Until we meet at the pearly gates
Spread the word about lost mates

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