By Sajin Ayikkadu

Booze, see moonshine and moonshine by country
On the whole poised of water and ethanol
But sometimes with traces of impurities and flavorings
Wontedly made through the distillation of ceral
Grains or potatoes, that have fermented.
Though some modern brands as CIROC,
COORANBONG and BOMBORA use fruit or sugar.
The name is diminutive form of slavic word ‘vodka’
Interpreted as little water, recorded first in 1405
in AKTA GRODZKIE , the court documents from the
In middle ages it was in POLLAND.
In 14th it was in RUSSIA, in 20th it was in SWEEDEN.
It was dominated. But i drink “SMIRNOFF”
She loves me and i love her
Flro you don’t love me? but she is
Per diem 3 peg, what an excitability,
Excitation and innervation
Flro you fizzle to discern may love?
But her ardency dip me as a wecky lover
She sleeps me, she rocks me and replenish all my longings
Flro you vitiate my doze, but she help to AWOL
Of yor flashback. she acts as a panacea in my bed
Still i love you , she loves me!
“may viscus was quiet for you and may viscus is quiet for her”
Vodka, Vodka, Vodka
Shantih , shantih , shantih for me
and tank up ELIOT

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