By Al Gibson

As the eruption began smoke formed a cloud and darkened the sun,
down the mountain the molten rock begins to run,
the volcano has taken charge and will have so much fun,
nothing will interfere with this master until it’s done. Disruptive, Destroying, and shaking the earth while the air becomes dry,
everything aflame that was within its path,
all worldly and natural possessions exhales a deathly cry,
at the pain that is felt of this woeful wrath. Then without warning, ash begins to fall in a dusty shower,
it’s the remnants of destruction of this great power,
calming there is a display of the scars of a great war,
remain subtle, nature rules, and now is angry no more. Memory will fill many an epic tale,
experiences will build, while inadequacies will fail,
to grip hope is a true discovery,
await the heal as time allows for a complete recovery.

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