Vote And...

By Lu Aya

History called…
She said,
Vote, but don’t just vote,
Vote and don’t be afraid
She said vote and sharpen the blade
Of the way that you love and the way that you pray
Vote and learn how to finally say:
Salaam alaykum, to all our neighbors
Vote and know that, we all creators
Of the world we deeply need
So vote and fight to get free
She said
Vote and laugh and vote and work,
Vote and heal where you feel it worst,
Vote and love on the earth
Vote and respect all moms
Vote and connect to your calm
Vote and commit to a grassroots org,
Maybe even vote and meditate more,
I’ma try to Vote and hate a little less,
Cuz I know we stressed but we all gotta flex
To learn how to give and get respect,
It’s a process, but let’s all be honest,
We gotta stand up and make a promise
To vote And protect the results
To Vote and protect our people
To Vote and protect our hope,
Its a long long walk to freedom,
But on the way make sure you vote.

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