Water Children

By Estrella del Abismo 

Manifested by sin,
yet complete and holy to have a human experience.

Destined to be tested by Higher Forces,
He is forsaken at birth.

He wanders though waters; water is healing to him,
therefore, aquatic creatures welcome him like one.

At nights, laying next to water lilies,
he stares at the full moon waiting for completion and ascension…

In his heart, nostalgia resides.
But only foggy memories are clear to him,
so he goes to the oceans to broaden his perception.

Deep in the cold and clear yet deep ocean,
He dives through dancing bubbles;
and while being mothered by old and forgotten oysters,
Water creatures sing him a lullaby.

He is at peace in darkness.

Oh, Dear Child! You have become one with water…
With a two element – element,
just like your true essence

Judgement call has been made.
Tears overflow.

He is empowered now.

With alike beings he is…water children.

Water children are endless cycles themselves,
Water children live and die everyday.

Thus, the real question is:
Are they dead or alive?

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