We Shall Be Satisfied

By S. K. Phillips

Poet: S. K. Phillips

The course of the weariest river
Ends in the great, gray sea;
The acorn forever and ever
Strives upward to the tree;
The rainbow, the sky adorning,
Shines promise through the storm;
The glimmer of coming morning
Through midnight gloom will form.
By time all knots are riven,
Complex although they be,
And peace will at last be given,
Dear, both to you and me.

Then, though the path be dreary,
Look forward to the goal;
Though the heart and the head be weary,
Let faith inspire the soul;
Seek the right, though the wrong be tempting;
Speak the truth at any cost;
Vain is all weak exempting
When once that gem is lost;
Let strong hand and keen eye be ready
For plain or ambushed foes;
Thought earnest and fancy steady
Bear best unto the close.

The heavy clouds may be raining,
But with evening comes the light;
Through the dark, low winds complaining,
Yet the sunrise gilds the height;
And Love has his hidden treasure
For the patient and the pure;
And Time gives his fullest measure
To the workers who endure;
And the word that no lore has shaken
Has the future pledge supplied;
For we know that when we “awaken “
We shall be “satisfied.”

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