Weight Upon My Shoulders

By Ashley Hyder

The little woman on the left
the one upon my shoulder,
tells me I should guard my heart.
She wants me to make it colder.
Don’t give too much of yourself she says
please remember all the pain,
reminds me of the past mistakes.
She warns it will end the same.
Your independence will bring you safety
you are the only one you can depend
If you never allow anyone in,
you will never again have to mend.

There is a woman on my right
that looks just like the other,
but she screams at me to love.
To give my heart to another.
This time will be different, she says
don’t lose your hope and faith,
the pain of the past is behind you.
This fear you must erase.
Don’t keep yourself from feeling
you will find yourself alone.
Deep down you wish to give yourself
and find a heart in turn to own.

These two women on my shoulders
both want the best for me.
They only are trying to protect myself
from a life of misery.
But I don’t know who to side with
because they tell such different things.
One says don’t take the chance.
The other wants what love brings.
I listen for who’s louder
but their volumes match the same.
I wonder how much longer
in limbo I will remain.

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