Worn Out Dirty Washing

By Ike Mboneni Muila

grasshopper dash silver bended soul finger
sportless munich machine
ignite your pre-mature
undefined cabin cruiser under the sun
on a dirty washing day
memories flock against
the direction of the wind
jitha buck kofifi dance
turky shoe unmarked
two tone mooi mark
backbone spinner
thina lomhlaba siugezile
with mellow yellow maize
mielie meal stranded
green line troja strictly prohibited
spectacle goggle smoking eyes off
beer bottle tobacco and drug sniffing cocaine
for healthy reasons rizzla belt
phuza face rash
straight en two beers
mail boxer jive
iwisa eating crust
from the pot spectacular
chaff pozzy makoko grap
half barren maize mielie meal pizza
freeze a lot of eat and drink available
children in the playground
no dumping space here
three quarter wear
induna spectatot
first gear beshu
change down second hand
mellow yellow
maize mielie meal
bag T shirt

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