By Bowah Youlo

Dripping in tears, the scars of the past are unbearable,
No more shall we lose ourselves to anger and drown in hatred,
Our blood cries from the grave with the message of sadness,

But, across the seas of regrets to the shores of forgiveness, yesterday is no more.
Gone, is yesterday of sorrows, the cage of terror,
Gone, are the awaken nights of firearms and rivers of victims; screaming the songs of death,

And, when the clouds fell on the fortress of peace, smiles were all to keep.
Yesterday cools in the ashes of torment and stains with ravish claws.

Yesterday was a taste of bewilderment; an iconic serpent looping in selfishness.
Yesterday brought on the doorsteps of men piles of corruption in the jungle of doom.

Pictures of evil are washed down in Oasis of reminiscing yesterday
For with yesterday, a pillar of hope skies above.

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