Your Friendly Bank Is Offering

By Claire McQuerry

a life loan, the right blue dream
home, the ownership you deserve,

the industry to preserve. The providers help
you want it. We mortgage you “yes” and flex-

best-ible. One proud customer at a time.
That’s American wisdom: easier,

more of everything. Everyone deserves
the encore, a raise, respect, results, whatever

dream of local achieve. Purchase it, being.
Proud sponsor of do-done-faster, we

service new solutions, right answers.
We power your expectations of making,

dreams of shade-covered _ _ _ _ _ _.
Employees dedicate themselves to

the World’s fulfilling, the family way. Know
the conforming American gets the mortgage.

Dream easier. Dream of good. Dream
today’s/tomorrow’s guaranteed lead.

Common solutions have purchase. Done it.
Un. Non. All dreams will chip.

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