About Us

Officially registered in 2013, we have eight years of industry experience hosting creative writing workshops, open-mic events and showcases in Johannesburg, South Africa. Here's a list some companies we have worked with over the years that trust us:

We believe in putting people first and our goal is to build a lasting, fruitful relationship with you.

Our brand is built on five pillars: literature, education, corporate, market and community. Contact us today to learn more about how you can leverage our expertise.

We don't just do poetry:

We make creative business simple.

"These bones i carry were borrowed from women much stronger than I. Know that when you need them, you can borrow mine"
Nichole McElhaney
Nichole McElhaney

Products & Services

Independent Publishing

Sell your digital or physical products on our store and never miss a sale.

Ticket Merchant

Easily sell tickets to your event online from our website for a fraction of the cost

Courses & Tutorials

We can help you build and sell online courses that your students will appreciate.

Project Management

Need some help executing an idea? Our team can help you make it a reality. Request a consultation today.

Event Management

Events can be tricky. From sound and lighting to the promotion and legal! Let us help you.

Content Development

This is the fun part; We want to help you do it right by providing all the necessary support.

Company Values

Social Learning

We strongly believe that people learn best from one another, through observation, emulation, and modelling. 

Creative Expression

The domains of visual art, music, dance and theatre are the foremost fields for individuals to explore creatively and grow.