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Pick Me Up Poetry is an independent, publishing organization that was founded on a mission to bridge the gap between passion and learning for creative minds. Every day, We connect with tens of thousands of creatives online and in person to explore the news, ideas, and culture through a poetic lense.

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Pick Me Up Poetry seeks to be an agent of change in society by fostering cross-cultural dialogue and providing much-needed representation for creators across the world. We offer our followers insightful glimpses into cultures around the globe through various mediums including our online magazine, published anthologies, live spoken-word sessions and more. Consider joining our poetry community >>here<<

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Poetry should : Teach
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We have been registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa since 2013. 

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Our Vision

We aim to be a trusted global institution for Arts & Culture.

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Our mission

To make poetry an industry that empowers creators and changes lives.

How can we share poetry that speaks globally, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion? The answer: By providing free access for everyone worldwide while also presenting them with opportunities for publication and growth.

We aspire to create opportunities for writers and performers from all around the world by providing them with a chance to be heard while also educating others on the power of literature in its many forms.

Company Values

Social Learning

We strongly believe that people learn best from one another, through observation, emulation, and modelling. 

Creative Expression

The domains of visual art, music, dance and theatre are the foremost fields for individuals to explore creatively and grow.


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