letting in the light

Letting in the light

a mental wellness anthology

What is the key to our mental health? The answer, I believe, lies in a change of perspective.
― Webster Chagonda

" Paint falls from my eyes
It flows in an undying trail
Nourished by endless floods
Where hope once swam
Proud enough to surface
A trail drawn from my eyes
Revealing the depth of my art. "
Collen Molahlehi
Collen Molahlehi
Poet & Writer

About The Anthology

One out of every five people is diagnosed with depression or anxiety at some point in their lives. Those are just two of the nearly 300 mental disorders listed in the International Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders! Furthermore, According to a recent study by the Lancet Psychiatry, One in five Covid-19 Patients was diagnosed with a mental illness within three months of testing positive for the virus.

There is still a lot of work to be done to educate each other about the effects of mental illness, and that’s where this book comes in. Poetry has a way of breaking down stereotypes and bringing uncomfortable conversations to the forefront. Pick Me Up Poetry and Chasing Dreams Publishing have joined forces to dispel myths around Mental Wellness and get this conversation into focus for all those who need it most.

letting in hands
It's close to home for me as a high functioning depressive ...
I guess I'm just proud of the bravery displayed in these pages.
sasta kuppan profile
Sasta Kuppan
Chasing Dreams Publishing
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24 wordsmiths from around the world come together in this artistic collective to share their turmoil and their triumphs dealing with the living effects of mental illness. This journey voyages across the seven seas addressing depression, anxiety, and identity in a world still hesitant of the real impact mental health poses on humanity.

Voiced through the shadow of stigma and misinformation, this collection of poems and prose asks readers to walk with the poets through the darkness, unmasking their pain in a collection they hope will let in the light.

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