Paris By Arthur Symons

Paris By Arthur Symons My Paris is a land where twilight days Merge into violent nights of black and gold; Where, it may be, the flower of dawn is cold: Ah, but the gold nights, and the scented ways! Eyelids of women, little curls of hair, A little nose curved softly, like a shell, A […]

Perfume By Arthur Symons

Perfume By Arthur Symons Shake out your hair about me, so, That I may feel the stir and scent Of those vague odours come and go The way our kisses went. Night gave this priceless hour of love, But now the dawn steals in apace, And amorously bends above The wonder of your face. ‘Farewell’ […]

Emily Wairimu - Free

White Heliotrope By Arthur Symons

White Heliotrope By Arthur Symons The feverish room and that white bed, The tumbled skirts upon a chair,    The novel flung half-open, where Hat, hair-pins, puffs, and paints are spread; The mirror that has sucked your face Into its secret deep of deeps, And there mysteriously keeps Forgotten memories of grace; And you half dressed and […]