15+ Striking Poems About Absence: Filling The Void

There’s just something about how poetry can express what we feel in a way that no other form of writing can. Today, I want to share some poems about absence with you. 

These powerful poems perfectly capture the pain and loneliness that comes with being apart from someone you love. Whether it’s a loved one who has passed away or a relationship that has ended, these poems will make you feel all the feels.

What Are The Best Poems About Absence?


We curated this poetry collection to reflect the absence that we all feel in our lives sometimes. Some of these incredible pieces will leave you thinking about what it means to be absent and how absence can affect someone’s life. 

It will leave you reflecting on your feelings towards being present or not, which may lead to an interesting discussion with your family and friends! Speaking of friends, head over to our Poetry Community and join the conversation; we love hanging out with you.

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