A Kiss To Build A Dream

By Panagiota Romios

Long long ago, when my parents first met,
They Fell in love like everyone….
And Started that long treck.
Perhaps like you, they fell in love!
And they found out there was more
Than just kissing and dancing and
making love.

In those days, marriage was in order!
And in order to eat, they had to work!
Yes, it was in their character….
Those were days, when work was not
considered wrong,
How proud they were to start each day
With gratitude to God and a song!

They worked during the great depression,
And not one word of complaint did I hear.
My mother stood in the snow with hundreds
of others.
Waiting for just one job opening!
I guess they just don’t make them like my
mother and father anymore!

My father, would faint,If he were here,
Seeing the rush and greed, for FREE
It is not some thing any of us should

One day, after many years, you will get
To Happily, retire!
congratulations, you did what God asked
You to do.
Making this world a better place, for people
Just like you.

Both opened a very fine store, worked long,
way over 10 hours a day.
Their dispositions never soured.
My grandpa, live with us too.
I know, all are in heaven, as
They shared their wealth with any
Needy brethren.

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