A Self Centered Egotistical Mind

By Gulliver Gimble

Wicked is the ego of self centered fools.
Who care about nothing but causing trouble.
Nobody can do right in the eyes of such people.
They have people beside them blinded in comfort.

The selfishness of the ego cries like a baby.
Especially when things don’t go the way it wants.
Then it try’s and psych you out by asking questions.
Did I do something wrong? Are you pushing me away?

The people who see this ego driven selfishness, laugh.
Every time it is expressed, we all laugh harder.
We laugh because this type of self centeredness grows.
It grows younger and more childish every single day.

This type of egotistical, possessiveness yearns for help.
But, you can’t tell someone this who already knows everything.
Why try beating a dead horse if it’s living?
It will still remain a dead horse breathing lucid air.

The self centered ego sucks people down and everything around it as well.
It cannot survive by simply being happy for others.
It needs to choke people, tell them they aren’t doing things right.
The ego has its own built up hatred to feed, on others faults.

What selfishness and pity can the human mind have?
Self centered minds who blame everything going wrong on others.
This is why egotistical self centered minds get pushed away.
This is why people leave and don’t want to come back, ever.

It’s always something, it’s always someone else’s fault.
This is the mind set of the ego driven self centered thought.
Never happy about anything unless it is perfect by the ego’s standards.
Funny, nobody seems to get along with this personality.
Grow up! Move on with life. Leave others alone. Stop pushing away.

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