By Jeremy Brown

I used to drink for fun. Didn’t matter what it was, vodka, whiskey or rum. I drank so much to the point where I didn’t feel pain and was completely numb. I couldn’t maintain or deal with reality, it really was a tragedy. I had to explain to myself what I was doing wasn’t causing damage and the alcohol was keeping me sane.

However I couldn’t sustain the path I was on, it was such a dark domain. It put such a difficult strain on my relationships. I didn’t want to surrender and kept going on a bender. It put me in the hospital, you would’ve thought I would’ve learned my lesson. I didn’t and the next night I bought a fifth to cure my depression.

It got to the point I was so sedated and hated who I had become. It took awhile but finally I had succumbed to the person I had created. I was lost and my mental state paid the cost. Now that I’m sober I’m so glad and thankful it’s over.

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