Ashes To Ashes

By  Jayne Eggins

A Beckoning finger glides her flight
tasting the wind,
to gather insight

Lifting her arms tendril-ed to light
drifting in feeling,
is darkness and fright

Soaring to plains,knights had fought
in helmets and headstones
her passion is wrought

A Flaming phoenix,re-birthed no more
A splendor embers
to ash on the floor

Wizards are slain and witches dispelled
majestic they hung,
to final death knells

Screams of mercy,rip into heart
calling the magic,
dirt caged in part

Exquisite white witch dripping with love
trembling her spirit,
watched from above

Releasing her power A dragon breath pales
kaleidoscoped magic,
lifting dark veils

Four elements drawn earth,wind and fire
water poured forth,
soaking a pyre

Earth stamped evil beneath his sin
wind settled hell,
the flames did rescind

Dusted of tragedy,on hallowed ground
sucking black magic,
in gasps that resound

Echoing Demons,soaking with shame
anviled to stone,
now have no name

Fire burnt mercy back into heart
myths of history,
now live the past

Drifting in peace,a witch found rest
laying her head,
is all she requests

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