Bedroom Eyes

By Travis Lue Alston

I feel her mind moving with mines
At ten miles per hour peeking out from heaven in twilight, here, time is frozen but I’m still focus gliding my hands on her body I want her to notice my bedroom eyes don’t wanna be lonely certainly I need her to fill my lungs keep me awake in this bed spend the night with me again don’t leave cause I wanna remember your name so I can love you again my beautiful,
The only thing I want is happiness, passion, patiences, excitement, love, and bedroom eyes at twelve o clock that’s pm so don’t you move I wanna take your picture don’t you move I wanna keep you warm in these blankets skin on skin completely naked deep in conversations again, again, and again unit the morning sun rises into inspiration baby the wait is over seriously we’re moving upward timely
Little by little cause of bedroom eyes days to nights everything likes alright nothing seems to be lost not this time no goodbyes
Its forever you and I
And bedroom eyes
Leave it to me in no disguise
Forever fortunate
I want love like how I remember it

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