Body Image

By Claire Foster

I want to learn to love myself
Break away from what i’ve become
Who wants an empty skeleton
when beauty lies within

When my body cries out to me I close my eyes
but when my mind scolds me I cant disobey
Captivating ads and announcements so clear
Beauty and success just one pound away
Happiness just 2 and self love quite a few

Lost in a muddle of my own circumstance
criticising echoes keep me awake in the night
barriers and blockades that keep me in control
whilst I pretend that I’m alright

you have to understand the image staring back at me
is not what you see
a mirage running a need to endanger my duration here

it’s so messed up I’m in an emotional state
forcing me to seek comfort from an empty plate

I starve myself instead of my addiction
I’m addicted to a notion of a tall slender vision
I have to stop reaching for that one unrealistic dream.

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