Consequential Egg

By Rob A. Mackenzie

You prefer the murk of details to the vision complete,
incident to plot,

incidental to mainstream. You like books for hilarity
halfway down page 17,

oblivious to consequence. You don’t care who lived
happily ever after

or how a mystery is solved, and closure is important
only for the satisfaction

of completion. All this is why, on the number 12
heading for your ninth

birthday party, I eavesdrop on the conversation
behind us –

how a conceptual artist assembled a giant egg
from ten thousand

eggshell pieces – and imagine you building an egg
from splinters,

each selected according to your personal aesthetic,
fascinated by the fit

they make, the gaps and incongruities, building
patiently for weeks

until an egg the size of a bus wobbles on a tiny cup.
How does it end?

An ending would be a betrayal. Already you have
begun the next egg.

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