Denial Of Betrayal

By Kenny Pariseau

Being open to a world of opportunities, my mind is welcoming vagrant impunity, as welcoming hands lend a sense of community, lifelessly I’m investing in annuities, false security blankets my insecurities.

As the walls come down only ghosts claim gamesmanship, surrounded by false egos I embrace a new courtship, my ring finger tied stolen like a pink slip, tricked into falsehood of illusion of this relationship, the syndicates surrounding with support to engage with censorship, afraid to show what I experience on this warship.

My gut trenched, heart is bleached, my minds not quenched, the spirit ceased, I love what’s wrong, deny what’s right, this broken song, I’m losing my sight.

The troupe diverse in idealization to consume self worth, I’m exposed without realization to Betrayal by blood worth. Alluding of their desire to consume my identity, I’m giving them everything I never exposed before to these new frenemies, digging a hole deeper surrounded by blasphemy, they are planning everything graphically.

My isolation turns to retention of capsulation without self preservation, now living a true nightmare they say that they care, I’m screaming silently as they chuckle gallently, my trust is misplaced by a terrorism inspired chase, I’m out of breath looking like death, wondering if this happens often, my will starts to soften, I consider building my coffin, because I’m betrayed by all of them.

In denial I’ve been here for a while, similar feelings since I was a child, this has me ungrateful and feeling unstable, I trusted these ghosts who are distasteful, consumed by a Denial of Betrayal.

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