Feels So Wrong

By S Kojo Frimpong

Most at times she is happy with you
Until someone comes in
And show her a different
Meaning to happiness
I wonder if it’s something we do wrong
That we feel too perfect to be true

They know we are the right ones
Yet they still prefer the wrong ones
It hurts them to watch us bleed
By their own claws they cut us open with
So they heartlessly cut us loose
To fall miserably like dried leaves
At the mercies of the harsh Harmattan
And Watch us bleed profusely as we suffocate
From the chokes of a broken heart
Only few strong men like myself
Can survive this period of tormenting memories

Letting go hurts, holding on kills us
But what if letting go lands her
In the firm grips of Satan?
Those are her choices and choices
Must be treated with respect
That is the hall mark of gentleness
It is hard for me to trade her memory from my head
How much more clean her name
Inscribed across my heart
Sometimes ladies throw away
The most perfect gentlemen
And fake happiness in empty homes

True love comes with a connection
A divine connection from God which is unbreakable
Even if we are worlds apart
The mere mention of my name will bring
Shivers to her spines and the thought
Of her will hit me like a ray of light
She feels all these but takes it as normal
But it isn’t, God is speaking
Let love guide us back unto our lost ways
For that is where true happiness resides

(Poems from the graves)

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