First Impressions With Lasting Impact

By Christina Hersh

Dear Fern,

I met you today. You’re under my skin and I can’t get away.
You’re in my sleep when I’m dreaming, in my head, now I’m feening.
I feel you between notes in songs, when nights grow long.
You pass me in dreams, leaving me empty; searching for that spry undertone of emotion.

I’ve been painting.
Trying to catch you in a moment I can hold onto for ages.
I’ll remember you.
Dark, comfortable, quiet.
You really are a treasure.
Tasty shapes and tender lines, taunting movements.

Your small words help the world seem large.

I’ll dine on memories, toying with flavors.
Thick smoke rolling off my tongue into your smile.
I think of previous meetings where neither of us exist.

In passing, grazing shoulders
Quick glances, gaze holder.
Your eyes tell of new dimensions.
Don’t think I’m in love, it’s not my intention.
I just need to voice my appreciation about the mental indention.

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