Fragment, A Beautiful Fantasy

By Darryl_M Unspecified

Written on the pillars of my heart, is your love.
Written on the stems of my attention, is your beauty.
Written on the roots of my thoughts, is your picture.

Written on the seeds of my emotions, is your presence.
Seeds sown by the sower with a shovel of dote.
Cultivating the fields of my heart, with tender, love and care.

Draw nigh unto me, see our future noted in my eyes.
See the flowers of my faith blossom in your smile.
See the flames of my love make the sun dull.
See how the turbulent showers of joy, spring for you.
See that you spin my world around.

Come with me,
hear the birds sing to the melody of our love.
Lay your head on my chest,
hear my heart pounding for yours.
Listen to the sound of my voice,
hear our children frolic.

All’s in smoke, not even a glimpse of fire is left.
Fire that burnt mountains of strife.
Strife caused by people dismantling our love.
Fire created by two candles, perfectly positioned together.
Looks like all has melted.

Let not the love tumble like the walls of Jericho.
Let not our eyes lock in despair.
Let not words separate the harmony of our hearts.
Let not your silence grow either.
Let’s fortify the feathery foundations of what used to be.

I never knew, you had another one.
A knight that has climbed the high towers of your love.
A thief that has stolen the keys to your heart with permission.

All I have, is messages not read and calls not returned.
I’m a shadow, the stars have twinkled upon.
What grew at dawn, now burns with the sunshine.

The rivers now flow in reverse.
A figment cherished moving in a hearse.
Fables fed that never stood a chance.
Now I realize, I was caught in a trance.
A beautiful reverie, I had to awaken from.

What I had, is what you never needed.
What I have, is what you don’t want.
What I can give, is what you already have.

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