High School Crush And Snogging

By Marlon Pitter

From behind the window shade,
I watched her and a schoolboy snogging
I stared at them with eyes of jealousy
My mind was full of wishful thoughts
It pained my heart to see her with him

She was the girl in fifth form that I fancied
The crush lasted for the whole semester
How I wanted to go steady with her
I envied the boy who stole her heart
And I’d have given anything for her love

I knew that I couldn’t compete for her love
She didn’t gravitate towards me
Because I wasn’t the popular type
The teenagers painted me a silly nerd
They said there was no way I could charm her

Olea was hanging out with the wrong crowd
She went out of her way to be in the clique
I could see that she wasn’t being herself
Her boyfriend was hitting on other girls
She had to put on an act to hide her pain

The teacher warned me to stay away from her
She said, “That girl isn’t good for you”
But my heart just wouldn’t listen
Everything she did seemed so perfect
Her beauty was all I could see

She refused to go out with me,
Yet she wanted me to do things for her
She made fun of me in the library,
Whispered to her friends and pointed at me,
Passed notes about me to other students,
And they all laughed at me

She was playing me for a fool,
But I didn’t care because I loved her
I continued to speak to her lovingly
I felt that there was a chance to win her love,
For life was full of possibilities

I dated the cute prefect in my class
Tiffany was somewhat shy,
But everything else about her was OK
We snogged on the corridor,
Ran after each other on the sidewalk,
I followed her home from school,
And we went to the movies together

She knew that I had a crush on another girl,
“I’ll make you forget that teaser”
That’s what she said to me,
But I felt that I’d never forget her
And it turns out that I was right
Today I still think about my high school crush

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