!!Internal Conflict!!

By Carly Bachor

This deep internal rage burns through my veins.
my internal torture eats me alive.
these thoughts put me in an instant haze of pain.
my dignity has been murdered in an on-slaught war.

these tears plummet down my face with the sting of toxic waste.
my blood-shot eyes give me a new look to my already too-ugly face making it more painful to look at my reflection.
these sensations of death they take over and gain control.
i try to fight back these feelings but just end up deeper in the abyss inside.

with my adreniline rush, heart speeding, hate rage, haze, and acid tears im slowly dieing, dieing a painful death.

the heavenly screamo music flooding my ears put me in some transe of this unfamiliar feeling……
happiness? ?
happiness, a VERY unfamiliar feeling; a stranger.

suddenly eveything…..just instantaneously dissapears.
tempararily gone, but im accepting the fact that this so called ‘happiness’ isn’t going to last long, rage will soon murder it too……