Life A New Youtuber

By Tiana Marie

The life of a Youtuber
new and just trying
hardly any subscribers
and barely surviving

She pulls out her camera
and then everyone stares
she’s vlogging publically
and suddenly everyone cares

had she have no camera
she’d be just a normal girl
no one would even look her way
and judge her like an ungodly pearl

yet she still talks to the screen
for they are her only friends
the 19 subscribers
she talks to without end

she smiles as she watches
her view count go up to 40
and dreams of the day
it’ll turn into 60

She posts and posts
but what no one really sees
is the girl behind the camera
in real life, she’d freeze

she’s now in the store
and talking to her screen
people look at her like she’s crazy
and she wishes she couldn’t be seen

But someday she’ll earn
ten millions of subscribers
and those very same people
will love her with each one of their fibers

So she just keeps on going
hoping and wishing
that someday she’ll make it
so she just keeps on keeping.

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