Lines To A Garden Hose

By Anonymous

Sprinkle, sprinkle, little hose
(You can’t help it, I suppose);
The unsodded, fruitful dirt,
Sodden with thy sudden squirt!
Squirt and sprinkle gentle hose
Drowning less torrential woes
Giving merry worms their drink
Softly squirtle sweetly sprink
As in other larger floods
Rainbows glint thy fertile muds
So assured of final calm
Through thy nozzle pour thy balm
Make the sidewalk and the street
Moist for parched and weary feet
Keep thy rivulets a flow
Tripping each fantastic toe
Seek thy brethren on the limb
Fetching them into the swim
Till as each doth pass the fence
Scattering his eloquence
Uttereth each a single note
Like thee from his liquid throat
And the idlest as she goes
Darns the customary hose
Then thy simple duty done
Quit as erstwhile quits the sun
With the other hoes to bed
Coiling in thy shadowy shed
Gardeners proclaim thy praise
Children love thy childlike ways
May we like them learn from thee

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