Meet Me At Naples

By Charmaine Chircop

We strolled hand in hand
along Naples cobbled streets
beneath nearly blown- off linen sheets
Hanging from old balconies.

Street musicians played their bagpipes
In this southern bustling city
where the crowd will never sleep.

Blessed by silent moments
in Duomo di San Gennaro
I knelt down on my knees
Prayed for health ,and for serenity
For strangers ,and for loved ones
who shared different beliefs.

At Da Michele pizza parlour
We shared pizza bites and laughter
Savoured different flavours, of pepperoni
King prawns and provolone cheese.
Fresh oregano filled the air with its pungent smell
on that once upon a summer breeze.

At Sunset,far from gothic abbeys we wandered
Through alleys walked,our lips touched and kissed
Next to lit antique street lamps
Our vacant eyes met,these hearts have been blissed.

A romantic getaway to Naples
New memories in making
Close to Michelangelo’s masterpiece
Unveiling virtues and sins,without verdict
Creating on life’s canvas, our oil -painting.

Sitting at the edge of the city
Facing the mediterranean sea
Its there where I see you
Arms wrapped around me
Gazing in distance
Watching the last boat
set sails to be free.

Tonight, like many other nights
Its there where I hear you
Soft whisper of a thousand melodies
Tonight, It is there where I’ll find you
Oncemore in my dreams.

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