By ER Bron Chiong, RSW

When people find it hard
to speak a language correctly
that’s when the term is used
not the literal meaning
of blood flowing from one’s nose

When I was a bit younger
I remembered several times
my nose bled in school or at home
because of the heat of summer
but I was unafraid of such incident

The sudden change of temperature
or drastic nose picking can cause
no worry if it happens to anyone
most of the cases aren’t serious
just follow self-care steps as I did

Nowadays, this medical problem
has disappeared as I grow older
instead, the problem I encountered is
speaking another language that’s seem
strange to my vocal cord most of the time

I tend to struggle in speaking another tongue
other than my own but this is a big challenge
for me to learn and speak the language
fluently like a natural speaker who was born
in it and not a foreign learner of such speech

As grateful as I am now I can say with pride
I learn to speak in two other languages
aside from my own three mother tongues
through my formal training in school
and my day-to-day family conversations

Such a wonderful privilege I can fully say
in a multi-language family of mixed marriages
an advantage but also a disadvantage
of being always such victim of discrimination
where one’s identity is mostly at lost

It all up to you to determine who you really are
when you find out that your color is much darker
in one group and lighter in the other group–
an identity crisis may arise for you to face
and even fight for your right to integrate

Unbelievable but that’s the whole truth
of the struggles of people who are like me
being born into two distinct worlds so much apart
but rest assured that I overcome these changes
as I grow much older and eventually matured

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