Old Sis Snow

By Madison Cawein

Old Sis Snow, with hair ablow,
Down the road now see her go!
Her old gown pulled back and pinned
Round her legs by Wild-boy Wind —
Ough n’t he to just be skinned? —
Hear her shriek, now high, now low,
Tangled in her hair! my oh! —
Is n’t she a crazy show?
Old Sis Snow!
Old Sis Snow now to and fro
Ramps and wrestles and hollos “Whoa!”
Sticks her long white fingers through
Every crack and cranny too,
Reaching after me and you:
Cold! and look how fast they grow!
Ghostly in the lamplight’s glow,
Threatening you from head to toe! —
Old Sis Snow!
Old Sis Snow! now you go slow!
You’ll get tired enough, I know:
Wild-boy Wind will drag you down;
Round your ears will tear your gown;
Strew its rags through field and town. —
Now he’s at it, blow on blow,
Hitting hard as any hoe. —
Hear them how they knock and throw!
Wild-boy Wind and Old Sis Snow!

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