People Are Janitors

By Winter Silk

People are janitors.
We try to keep our lives clean,
but it always goes back to ruins.
We try to clean up the lives of others,
Only to find that we can’t do anything.
And that we probably hurt them.
And that we probably messed their lives and ours.
We try to clean our hearts.
It’s broken. It’s shattered.
It’s muddy after a day outside, playing in a storm of tears.
Yet, we always fail, don’t we?
Thinking that maybe tomorrow is the day it washes itself.
We try to clean the world.
This organization promises cleanliness in Africa.
That organization promises cleanliness in Asia.
But is any cleaning really done?
For every ten fundraisers started, I hear one semi-succeed in its job.
Yet, we believe that we can clean the world.
It’s true, we could.
But we’re too busy cleaning our own hearts, aren’t we?

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