Say Yes

By Melanie

Say yes, and we could surf the highest waves,
Your hand in mine, never losing faith.
We could climb Mt. Everest, and as we gasp for air,
You’ll say you love me,
And I you.

We could do handstands in the sky,
And you’ll catch me when I fall.
I’ll take you to the stars and leave you in utter awe.
And though standing on a comet with you is absolutely reckless,
Loving you is even more so; but I’m happily helpless.

Say yes, and some days will be not only spring,
But we will endure the harsh days winter will bring.
Together we will face somber rainy days,
But with you by my side we can wait for summer’s sunny rays.
We will know what makes each other cringe,
But hey, we’ll take it inch by inch.

And though some days you will be too tired to fly with me,
I will heal your broken wings.
‘Cause our love will exceed that of the highest degree,
And we will take willingly what life brings.
So say yes,
And take my hand; we will learn to tango.
Every step we will master.

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