By Siu Wong

Hundreds of expressions is what I see. Watching or joining the walk of fame is a decision upon me. This was a world of one and now with the metaverse it will be nothing but fun. Looking back will never be the same as I walk beside no other than C-01. This is art, but also diversity. We’ve all crossed paths as we walked together in this unimaginable BREEZE which we all call NFT’s.

Sticking together is like no other and we will get thru this because this ain’t about color. We are one and we think the same. Its January so I’m putting some pieces together so I can make it out successfully.

Much like others, I’ve stumbled upon this path back in December. Never knew I’d do something different on a cold evening, I was on the internet and something caught my inspiration. Along came these beautiful pieces of art, I just had to show some appreciation.

It wasn’t about being first or last but walking aside as a partner because no team is alone.
Time and dedication can be about everything and that brings us to fashion. They say 200K members like a number on “Boats That Rock” but when I hear about Monteiro – I remember the faces of impression and why this project will be a top numero. Blue, Deep, calm and endless is the way of this journey. We sail to the OPENSEA with these designs while our boats lead us to our destiny.

Bright lights lead the sparks but darkness can destroy the heart. Luck is 9 and i dont wanna sound borin’ so let’s join our “Soren”. Life lines and colors designed from top to bottom of humans or creatures alike. Nothing is rushed and value is seen where it involves all of us as a team.

This is the time, this is the space so bring yourselves together as 2022 is a year to embrace.
So stick around as this is just 1 of the verse in a world we may call ‘Metaverse’.

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