By Andrew Shields

The chickens are back in their coop.
The kids are out on the town.
It’s here in one fell swoop.
It’s sundown.

You’ve heard them say it before.
The rumour’s been going around.
You’re heading straight for the door.
It’s sundown.

You’ve forgotten what you said.
All that matters is here and now
No one’s getting you to bed,
even though it’s sundown.

The trucks roll by on the highway.
You want to follow that sound.
You want to have your say
at sundown.

The dusk turns into dark.
You walk away with a frown.
You’re the only one in the park
past sundown.

Here’s where the children played,
but they’re not here right now.
You don’t want to end your day,
even though it’s sundown.

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