Swan Of Love

By Octavian Cocos

Love is a wondrous feeling,
A swan in rapid flight
Across the vault of heaven
When it’s serene and bright.

You feel the life is peaceful,
Unending like a stream,
A secret thrilling story,
An everlasting dream.

The happiness surrounds you,
The rainbow shows its face,
The whole world is a splendor,
God pours on you His grace.

But the disgusting shotgun
Is aiming without fail
And the enchanting white swan
Drops dead on the wide trail.

You hug it in an instant,
Your fear you can’t withhold,
Try to revive its passion,
But it is stiff and cold.

In vain you weep disheartened
And ****** it a lot,
Of its amazing gliding
Remains only a thought.

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