Camouflaging The Chimera By Yusef Komunyakaa

Camouflaging The Chimera By Yusef Komunyakaa We tied branches to our helmets. We painted our faces & rifles with mud from a riverbank, blades of grass hung from the pockets of our tiger suits. We wove ourselves into the terrain, content to be a hummingbird’s target. We hugged bamboo & leaned against a breeze off […]

Desolation Of The Chimera By Luis Cernuda

Desolation Of The Chimera By Luis Cernuda The whole day’s heat, distilled Into a suffocating vapor, the sand releases. Against the deep blue background of the night Like an impossible drizzle of water, The frozen splendor of the stars Is proudly aligned alongside the full moon Which, from a great height, disdainfully illumines The remains […]

Dshamilja Roshani - Death And Begin...
Dshamilja Roshani - Death And Beginnings

Every Man His Chimera By Charles Baudelaire

Every Man His Chimera By Charles Baudelaire Beneath a broad grey sky, upon a vast and dusty plain devoid of grass, and where not even a nettle or a thistle was to be seen, I met several men who walked bowed down to the ground. Each one carried upon his back an enormous Chimera as […]

Chimera By Stephen Romer

Chimera By Stephen Romer Une seconde fois perdue! Nerval Chimeras, firegirls, there’s another one now – blouse Bellini green, a trompe-l’oeil hairgrip on her chignon, showing a lost domain – one of your tribe – my familiar, scarecrow, la guigne stamped on your Russian brow … No sooner seen, than translated starwards. She would set […]

Chimera By Vievee Francis

Chimera By Vievee Francis She’s not “maternal,” she’s dangerous. —Jamaal May I have no charms. Admittedly. No gold comb can move through This mane. My skin is not translucent. Mine is a tail to fear. I know. And though a mother may destroy, She too sees fit to create beauty That would eventually grow into […]

The Chimera By Oliver Herford

The Chimera By Oliver Herford You’d think a lion or a snake Were quite enough one’s nerves to shake; But in this classic beast we find A lion and a snake combined, And, just as if that weren’t enough, A goat thrown in to make it tough. Let scientists the breed pooh! pooh! Come with […]

Chimera By Charles Bernstein

Chimera By Charles Bernstein At dusk I found it silent there And sudden caught it in my hand It squeaked and hollered with despair But I was young of ruthless mind. I scooped and cupped it in my palm So it would no more come to harm Yet quick I knew to let it go […]

Hunter X Hunter: Chimera Ant Arc By Andrew Eufre Belga

Hunter X Hunter: Chimera Ant Arc By Andrew Eufre Belga I think this one’s a blast To make the story grow fast I watered it with delight By watching it day and night The event took place with lots of grass In an African-like scenery created to last Insects merged with human DNA The chimera […]

The Chimera By Clark Ashton Smith

The Chimera By Clark Ashton Smith O, who will slay the last chimera, Time? Though Love and Death have many a cunning dart- In spite of these, and close-wrought webs of Art, And Slumber, with a slow, Lethean lime- Still, still he lives; and though thy feet attain The lunar peaks of ice and crystal, […]

The Chimera By Anonymous

The Chimera By Anonymous I do not know if your pale face appeared to me among the rocks, or you were the smile form unknown distance, the sloping ivory brow’s gleam, or the young Sister of La Gioconda. O out of vanisehd spring are those mythical pallors, O Queen, O adolescent Queen, yet in your […]